Here are some reviews and articles about season 1!

Sexy adult app blog Mikandi wrote us up as a ‘fun exploration of what [a sex-bot world] could look like’. Article.

The really fun geeky blog/web comic/podcast ReGeeken gave us a great review.

The hilariously named site Atomic Moo said we had a ‘Clerk’s like charm’ in their review.

Across the pond awesome pop culture blog, Spicy Pulp, gave a rave review, and called us geniuses.

Futurist friend, and Kickstarter backer, Miss Metaverse, wrote a very nice piece about us and how the future of sex-bots might not be a scary as people think.

Adam and Kevin dropped by the GeekLine415 podcast to talk about the Best and Worst robots/A.I. depicted in pop-culture. It was a great podcast and GeekLine gave us a nice write up and they picked their favorite 3 episodes.

Our friends at BaDoink did a awesome review of the first season.

Geek Blog Zone Zero Geek also gave wrote a season 1 review.

And scifi media hub Warped Space Sci-Fi Club gave season 1 a glowing review.

Our official first review from our awesome friends at Geeks Out.

Futurist Blog Serious Wonder broke season one down and gave us high marks.

Really cool nerd blog The Slurred Nerd gave us a great review.

Our friends from the Australian site Future of Sex gave us a nice little write up about our premiere.

The amazing men’s magazine BaDoink covered our Premiere Party. Check out the really cool photo spread and interview with some of our actors.

Check out the press we’ve gotten on the Gigahoes Kickstarter.

The Gigahoes team was interviewed by the hilarious Ethan T. Berlin (he’s written for Totally Biased, Superjail!, Bunk and many others) for his new Kickstarter Podcast. Take a listen as Kevin, KL, and myself talk a little more in depth about the project and some of the things we have in store. (Jump to 22:20 for the Gigahoes section)

Adam and KL sat down with Rep Radio to talk about Gigahoes. It was a lot of fun, and you can check out the interview here.

Adam was interviewedinterviewed by BaDoink magazine. It’s a men magazine about tech, pop culture, and sexy ladies. In the article you can find out a little bit more about Adam, and the origins of the project, plus what we have planned for the future. It’s a fun read.

We were contacted by this awesome Australian website about an article they were doing on Gigahoes. If you like talking about the future, and sex, you should really go check out their website. It’s fascinating, a lot of cool stuff there. And now we’re there too.

Gigahoes was also just mentioned in a new article on Lustocracy. Check it out.

Adam, Kevin, and KL were apart of The Comedy Girls podcast. It’s a great Podcast run by two very funny ladies Jesenia and Jenni (who will be featured in the show), and we talked about the show, and the girls heaped praise upon us. Take a listen.

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